Sitting in lobby of Geffen Hall watching the crowds go by. Have to fet up soon and stroll over to TheMet

How naive I was to think that Nixon years were the worst I had ever had to live thru. Now I must acknowledge that evil won without winning the majority. And so many boys. and women of the majority will be living in fear. HORRORS!

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What Breitbart News and Steve Bannon, Trump’s carefully considered selection for Senior Counsel, stands for is old news. As Michael Grynbaum and John Herrman of The New York Times wrote in Monday’s print edition: Breitbart has been denounced as misogynist, racist and xenophobic, and it served as a clearinghouse for attacks on Mr. Trump’s adversaries, spreading unsubstantiated rumors about Hillary Clinton’s health and undermining its own reporter, Michelle Fields, after she accused Corey Lewandowski, then Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, of assaulting her.

What puzzles me is why someone who plans to run the country and promises to “unite” us (as hollow as that sounds) would pick a counselor who espouses misogyny, racism, and xenophobia and equally worse has absolutely NO experience. Bad judgment; bizarre; frightening are mild words to describe my reaction and concern.

Those within the Trump team extol Bannon’s resume (Harvard) but just like comedian

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If you don’t want DinaldTrump as the president of the USA you must vote for Hilary in NY primary tomorrow.  Remember RalphNader. Stole the presidency from Gore.  And we r suffering the consequences.  Hi Hilary

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I have picked up aluminum baking pans for my special brownies.  The check out woman announces $5.99 I respond ‘Gee that’s awfully high but I do need them. ‘. As I am remarking on the price checkout woman says she agrees with me and leaves at the counter to pick up another pkg of aluminum pans She returns with another pkg. only there are twice as many pans at half the cost.   I was overtaken by this service.  Nothing like this need to satisfy a customer had ever happened to me before.