i have been reading H Is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald.  I ll just say it is fabulous.  Ms MacDonald would have written an entire paragraph around the word ‘fabulous’.  The book is slow reading–at least for me, I must go line by line and stop after each chapter and recognize the emotions and memories these pages evoke.

I was unable to conclude my sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin because I had contracted a very serious pneumonia.  Recuperating at home, I signed up for classes at Columbia University in NYC.  One of the make-up classes was in Literature that was taught be Professor Mark Van Doren.  I assumed it would cover great novels of the 17th century.  But Professor Van Doren accedes to only one great novel and that is DON QUIXOTE  (he always pronounced it with the English translation Don Kihote??)  We spent six weeks reading and interpreting the underlying essence of the book and why it is still the ;best’ and how it is relevant to us.  It was a revelation!  And now I select H is for Hawk  as the book of the 21st century  I would love to spend not only six weeks  but an entire semester submerged in the emotions, feelings and connections that this book provokes.