Sunday should be an exciting night  for watching TV. There was always a great Inspector Lees or The wonderful Foyle s war. Now we select.It has been an unprecedented bore. But surprise of surprises. There were 2 winners and I shan’t go into all the losers .  

MadMen.  Hooray!!!! After the abysmal opening episodes, it was really a thrill to watch The latest episode which really really dealt with ISSUES.  Brilliant direction and very honest story line. No blah blah blah. And finally finally WolfHall presented a quiet extraordinary episode    Every moment was fraught with meaning to our lives today as they were to 16th century Britons.  Superb performances and underneath  subtleties.  At long last the brilliant depiction of the beginning of the Elizabethan era is depicted with all the machinations that we as a so called modern society are witnessing now

But alas TheGoodWife misses out. We simply cannot lose Kalinda. It s all a stupid sit com now that started out so promising