Alas. That is not true. At present I am waiting for two men that I have contacted for to come and help me clean up this lovely long I’ll convey that I have so that I can at least put in some flowers.    They were scheduled to come at 11 AM this morning.   I’m so believer I waited for them.  It is now almost 2:00 PM.    I have conceited and entire day because they have not appeared.  Of course I had to text contractor Eric to confirm that they are not coming today.  What is so very very apparent to these wonderfully young young people is that I don’t have the hours left to spend city in an apartment waiting for them to show up.  What terrible waste my time.  They have no concept of what these wasted hours really are some of.  Who were so many things that I could have done instead of waiting around at this apartment for them to come.  But they have no idea what it is to have ours minutes left that you would like to spend it worth while away instead of sitting waiting for you to show up