I spent the day cooking.  I decided that having my family and John C over for dinner is trying to remember what was once normal. Today we only get together for special occasions and there aren’t too many of them. Mostly it s for my birthday.  Julie plans always to be away so that we do not have a ‘party’.  I guess maybe for her 60th she may condescend. But I don’t think so.  I am sure she has already planned a trip out of the USA

Well I made too much food. It s truly a lot of work  shopping is boring and it does take me all day to prepare and I will be spending all day in prep fit the evening   It really doesn’t work in today’s world   Best if doing it have everything ready made. And be honest Anita. Those Friday nite weren’t really pleasant.  My mother closed the sewing machine about 4 pm and started Shabot preps. Always chicken soup and roast chicken. Once in a while a bland tasteless pot roast   Never any onions or garlic   Mama could not stand the smell of garlic.  She likened it to filth and the Hassidum. Whom she despised with venom I think my daughters really like getting together like this   Of course Pat never joins us.  She has been not well for the last several weeks and I have not seen her or talked to her.  I barely get to make contact thru texts. I am so worried about her.  She needs her family but can’t come out   

This is poorly scribbled. But if I hadn’t scribbled it if be up all nite talking to myself

Now I must learn how to add pictures