Dear Ed

I am trying so hard to tell you how quickly I went from sheer euphoria to utter anger.  This week was so glorious because on Saturday i saw a wonderful wonderful production OTELLO at the Met.  this was followed by an extraordinary performance of Electra at Carnegie Hall.  Topped off by a superb concert including Brahms double concerto with two of the most amazing duos.  But today all that euphoria is gone.  I made a horrible decision to be warm and friendly to my very old friend Elaine.  I invited her weeks ago to spend an evening with me and go to a forum tomorrow and a play at the Public Theate   What a mistake She has destroyed two days for me.  We were to get together on Saturday today.  I though and thought about what will do today.  But here I am sitting and waiting for her to arrive because I allowed her to make her own time.  She could t come in inner own and is waiting for her son  with whom she has continuing problems which I as a good friend listen to and noway day is shot   they won’t behave until 4   Maybe  I think tomorrow will be a disaster too.  I need to keep being my lone ‘wolf’ self.   People  are so rude .  It is a lesson I am now learning   Keep to myself   No one i in sync with me   and that s ok    My last connection will be hosting this BookClub  Another mistake I should never have agreed to