Growing older brings up all those events across 8 decade

We did celebrate Thanksgiving at 255 Haven. Specific moments have blurred. But it was a day off for Papa and a good one because he sold many many turkeys to the large Italian population that surrounded the market in 121st between first and second ave.  And we had a glorious fresh killed (kosher killed of course) turkey.  Did we ever stop to think how much of our food was naturally ‘organic’.  Papa would work very hard until the season ended on NewYearsDay.  He made several trips to Maryland with Larry to buy turkeys  geese ducks and chickens fresh off the breeding farm. 

We had a lot of people around the table. I’m sure there was chopped chicken liver but we adhered to the American favorites.  Sweet potatoes and pies.  But Mom didn’t bake pies so they were probably bought from the neighborhood bakery on Broadway and 177sr

More moments to come as I grew up