The stage today is the little store on Houston St. Russ and Daughters. How do we explain its importance to our lives   We can rely on Russ and Daughters.  It has been on Houston St since  1914 serving the very best in  several varieties of preserved herring and the wonderful assortments of smoked lox.  Every item is perfect. Choose what you will. And the care that each and every person working for Russ and Daughters is a perfectionist. And so I understand and thought nothing of waiting over an hour and a half to fill my order.  Over 400 customers had been served by the time I was thrilled to have my number called to put in a simple order of nova lox   , sliced sable  fresh cream cheese. Real Brooklyn bagels. And wave to the long line waiting to get served.  Not a complaint from any one person. We all know how lucky we are to be able to go to RandD   It’s still a super appetizer establishment that I remember from the 1930 s when my Papa took us down to the East Village to buy kosher products.  A stop at RandD was as important as a hot dog from IsaacGellis.  But IsaacGellis is gone. Russ and Daughters is not!